Yemen Party

Let's make more things.

For thoughts / requests that don't fit into these categories — don't hesitate to message Adam directly. For all other inquiries, please make use of the brilliant contacts below.


Jane von Mehren  |  Partner, Aevitas Creative Management

jvonmehren [at] 

Foreign rights, future projects, film optioning — go through Jane. Jack of all trades, master of all.


Kyle Radler | Senior Publicist, W.W. Norton & Company

kradler [at]


Emily Cary-Elwes | Head of Publicity, W.W. Norton & Company, and Chloe Rose

crose [at]

If you've got a publicity idea you're not sure is legal, use the "email Adam" button above directly, with *confidential* in the subject heading.  Cause hey, why not ask. 





Muriel Rosilio and Jake Labow | Co-Managers

mrosilio [at]

New idea factory.  Get in touch. 

For a tiny bit more on Adam and Anonymous Content's TV project in the works, click here, or reach out to producer Lauren Smith — lsmith [at]


Picture: Aden, Yemen c. 2012 | © Adam Valen Levinson